Established in 1976, Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. is a professional sock manufacturer and sub-contractor with over four decades of experience.

Since our founding, we have been committed toward the goal of the constant enhancement of value, innovation and our level of customer service. Doing so, we strive to meet the expectations and demands of consumers and the marketplace.



Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. features as one of the Taiwan sock industry’s pioneers.

On the basis of our production technology and wealth of production experience, we have become favored producers for many leading brands.

In these last years, we have focused particularly on upgrading our high-tech processing technology and functional fabric range. 


We offer integrated services from sampling, knitting, closing, fixing, QC, packaging.


Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hosiery products in Chung Hwa, Taiwan. 


◆  200N | 7 Colorways | Sculpted terry | Italian SBYS automatic closed-toe-true-linking. 
◆  176N | Computerized double cylinder jacquard |  Italian SBYS automatic closed-toe-true-linking. 
◆  176N & 200N | Computerized double cylinder jacquard
◆  144N | 7 Colorways | Flat, Terry, Sculpted terry variations.
◆  200N | 7 Colorways | Flat, Terry, Sculpted terry variations.

With wide varietal needles & variations, we aim to support our customers by delivering the very best in all our serivces and offering the most competitive prices & proudcts.



In this way, we have made considerable advances on functions such as anti-bacterial odor control, quick dry, far infrared to negative infrared by working with fiber technologies from Coolmax, Thermolite, Tactel, Outlast, bamboo charcoal fibers, to silver based fiber solutions such as Polygiene.
Working with the above yarn and technology types, we have won praise from both our brand clients and their consumers alike.




Set up






In step with the changing times, we have continued to adopt our products to the latest trends and innovations.


Discussing far more than just business with our clients, we view ourselves as the bridge between our clients and their products. Perceiving our clients always as partners, we guarantee that each product will satisfy the highest-quality demands of our brand clients while also satisfying the needs of their end consumers.

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